In the age of COVID-19, we can still do this together!  I am working virtually, via phone, FaceTime and Zoom in whatever way works best for you. My primary goal remains the same: helping you be prepared and empowered as your due date approaches and helping you feel safe, calm, supported and respected during your labor, birth and postpartum. I have modified my services slightly to reflect virtual support.

My Birth Services

My Birth Services package includes two prenatal visits with you and your partner or support person, continuous virtual labor and delivery support, immediate postpartum support and one postpartum visit, all of which are virtual.   In addition, I am available continuously to provide support, resources and referrals during and after your pregnancy.

Prenatal Visit #1

Typically, I would come to your home around 33 weeks, however  we will have this get-to-know-you visit via Zoom.  At the visit, we will:

· Expand on what I have learned about you through your Welcome Packet

· Share resources on any specific questions or concerns you have

· Talk about how your pregnancy and prenatal care has progressed and your knowledge of and feelings about birth

· Review signs and stages of labor and informed decision making 

· Guide you through understanding your birth choices and developing your birth preferences

· Help you compile your modified hospital bag packing list in the age of COVID-19

· Work together to design an emotional and physical space that will make you feel safe and relaxed during labor

· Talk about movements and exercises for the last few weeks of pregnancy that will encourage the baby to move into position 

Prenatal Visit #2 

Typically, I would come to your home around 36 weeks, however  we will have this visit via Zoom.  At the visit, we will:

· Practice early and active labor comfort measures 

· Review your birth preferences and discuss informed consent and informed dissent

· Discuss current COVID-19 hospital policies and protocols

· Talk about breast/feeding/pumping and how to prepare 

· Talk about your postpartum plan

· Find out how YOU are doing

Labor and Delivery

I will:

· Be on call for you starting at 38 weeks 

· Support you during early labor will be to maximize time at home and minimize time in the hospital. 

· Help you in decide when it’s time to leave for the hospital.

· Keep you up to date on hospital changing policies.

· 24/7 continuous labor support via phone, video or by me being available via text or phone whenever you feel that you need me, and whatever is most helpful in a given moment

· Facilitate immediate skin-to-skin and provide immediate lactation/feeding support

Postpartum Visit

I will be available to you in the weeks after the birth to provide additional breast/feeding support, assist you in processing your birth story and help with any postpartum needs the family may have. Most importantly, I will check in with you to see how you are doing physically and emotionally, as you heal and embark on the "Fourth Trimester".


I am happy to adapt my Birth Services package to fit your budget, therefore my fees vary depending on the type of service and level of need