Alyssa and Ryan

"Kim was an irreplaceable part of our birthing experience. Going in as a high risk patient I knew I would need a calming supportive voice on my side. Before even going into labor, my husband and I were comforted by her prenatal meetings and teachings. Once in labor, Kim supported my decision to ask the doctor to wait on certain interventions. When the doctor pushed without evidence to stand on, by having Kim in my corner and create space I was able to make the decision my husband and I were comfortable with.

After having a bad reaction to certain medications, I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't even keep water down... this went on throughout the entire night. Kim was by my side the entire time, calming me, using massage and essential oils. She also continued to make sure I was eating ice chips and even had the swift hand with the puke bucket! (Sorry Kim!). She helped me adjust my peanut ball throughout the night to encourage labor and was just a constant comfort. My husband was able to get a little rest knowing Kim had it under control.

When it was time to push, Kim was by my side feeding me ice chips between pushes, encouraging me, and taking pictures along the way.

Once our little guy was born, Kim ensured my wishes were met with skin to skin and latching etc.

I tell anyone and everyone that a doula (more specifically Kim!) was one of the best decisions I made around my birth experience and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”  -Alyssa


Nadine and Scott

"Hiring Kim as our doula was the BEST and most IMPORTANT investment we made as part of our pregnancy experience. We initially had the “we can do it on our own” feeling but as the weeks to our due date crept closer and the reality of the labor and delivery process began to set in, as well as an increasing number of resources pointing us to the benefits of having a doula, we decided to look into hiring one. And we couldn’t be more grateful that our search led us to Kim! 

From the moment we met Kim we knew there was something unique that set her apart from others. And that feeling was confirmed when we got the chance to speak with her in person. She exuded an energetic warmth that immediately put us at ease. She was deeply empathetic and curious, spoke with such infectious passion and joy, and extended a level of authenticity and care that is so rare these days. She transformed the 5-min interaction we had with her into a sense of certainty that not only did we definitely want a doula, but we specifically wanted her to be with us for our first birth experience.  

Our intuitive sense about Kim in those first days of meeting her were confirmed and quickly exceeded in the lead up to the labor and delivery, the actual delivery, and the post-partum period. Kim was always highly prepared in our prenatal sessions, bringing along props and resources for every question or concern we had. She tailored the prenatal meetings to our unique learning styles (a question she thoughtfully asked in the welcome package!) and attentively followed our cues for things we might need or want in the process. She also attended our hospital tour with us and asked the questions we didn’t know we had. And, she sent regular text messages to check in with us in the weeks leading up to labor, which completely put us at ease. She truly went above and beyond – and that was even before we had the baby! 

When it came to the actual labor and delivery experience, there are no words to describe her role. She truly took our birth preferences to heart and lived them in every moment of the process. She transformed the very clinical delivery room into a spa-like environment, ensured I continued moving and stayed hydrated at all times, massaged and coached me through every contraction, partnered with my fiancé in the most supportive way possible, and held space for the conversations and decisions that needed to be made along the way. She warmly encouraged me when it all felt impossible, held my legs when I needed all my strength to push, and stayed on after an impossibly long day in the hospital to ensure we were all ok and that our baby girl had someone to hold her in the moments in between. And to top it all off, she captured our experience in a series of beautiful and raw photos, which absolutely means the world to us. She did it all!


Reflecting back, our labor and delivery experience was not an easy one, yet it was as close as possible to what we envisioned, and we think that was a direct result from having Kim with us throughout the process. Three long days of labor, a tough delivery of a 10lb baby (totally unexpected!) with no epidural, and a slow postpartum recovery – yet it was a wonderful and empowering experience, thanks to Kim. She supported us both in ways we didn’t know we needed, or could never articulate we needed. She is so deeply intuitive and knew exactly how to care, support, and coach us through our entire birth experience."  -Nadine


Randi and Jerry

"Kim brings warmth, enthusiasm and positive energy to the labor & delivery experience! She was engaging the moment we met her and actively listened to our story and our birth plan during the pre-natal meetings which prepared her for L&D and a post-partum visit. She is passionate about the doula practice and incorporates different techniques (i.e. breathing, massaging, use of props) that made my husband & I comfortable and at ease each step of the way. We hope to work with Kim again (baby #2!) and would highly recommend her to be part of your birth story! "  -Randi


Jimena and Santiago

"I had an extremely disappointing first labor and delivery experience ten years ago that ended with an “emergency” C-section, separation from my newborn son and no skin-to-skin contact, despite the fact that both my baby and I were healthy.  In addition, the hospital staff continually tried to offer formula even though I repeatedly made clear my desire to breastfeed.  While I was grateful to have a healthy baby, the lack of support and respect that I experienced undermined my confidence in myself and in my body. The negative experience stayed with me for many years.

I knew that I wanted my second birth to be different, but realized that I needed support in order for it to be possible.  I worked closely with Kim to gain knowledge and understand what my options were so that my husband and I could advocate for our birth.  I chose a “baby-friendly” hospital and found a care provider who supported my desire to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  I worked with Kim in the last few weeks of my pregnancy to learn more about VBACs, gentle cesareans, informed decision making (very important!), labor comfort measures and the strong mind-body connection.  We talked about ways to keep my birth space as private, safe and as stress free, as possible.  In addition, Kim recommended books and videos for our family so that my 10 year old son could understand the process of labor and birth, as it was our plan for him to be with us during my labor.

A few days before my due date in late May, I vaginally delivered my beautiful, healthy baby girl and was able to have immediate skin-to-skin!   Within an hour of the birth, my baby instinctively did the newborn crawl to the breast to begin breastfeeding.  This entire labor and birth experience was completely different from my first birth - it was positive and empowering and most importantly, it was healing. 

 I am grateful to Kim for her support, for her encouragement and for helping to assuage my fears and understand that my body is designed to give birth.  Her guidance helped me to have the healing birth that I never knew was possible."  -Jimena


Karyn and Noah

 "Working with Kim was an amazing experience and provided an incredible benefit to the birth of our daughter. Kim's knowledge and calming, centered energy helped guide us to the birth experience we were hoping to have. We delivered in an academic hospital, yet wanted to do a natural delivery and avoid medical interventions as much as possible. We relied heavily on Kim to help us understand the stages of labor, and to work with the hospital staff to let the labor progress naturally.

Kim's guidance extended beyond just giving us information and keeping us calm and comfortable, as she was incredibly engaged physically during labor. She and Noah worked tirelessly for the better part of a day to help me find positions that made the intensity of the contractions bearable and advanced the baby through the stages of labor, all the while adding massage and applying pressure to make me more comfortable. Kim really understood the balance of energy and effectiveness of touch, and we do not know how we would have made it through labor without her calm presence and endurance.

Above all, it was so obvious to us from the first time we met Kim that she is genuine, caring, and loving, and that proved more than true during our birth experience. She became an incredible member of our family - if only for a brief period - and we will always have so much gratitude for the time we spent with her. Kim is amazing!” - Karyn 

Thank you to my amazing clients who have allowed me the honor of being a part of their birth experience.