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In the age of COVID-19, we can still do this together!  I am working virtually, via phone, FaceTime and Zoom in whatever way works best for you. My primary goal remains the same: helping you be prepared and empowered as your due date approaches and helping you feel safe, calm, supported and respected during your labor, birth and postpartum. 

The Fourth Trimester

In the three months following childbirth, also known as the Fourth Trimester, new mothers must recover from the emotional and physical experience of birth, adapt to fluctuating hormones, and learn how to feed and care for a new  infant, all while being sleep deprived.  In addition, the postpartum check up with your care provider is typically scheduled four to six  weeks after birth, leaving moms to heal and cope on their own, for more than a  month, with little information, resources or support.   

In her book, Mothering the Mother, Sally Placksin lists the needs of new mothers, based on extensive interviews with real parents who vulnerably shared about the struggles and learning curves associated with early parenting and postpartum recovery. These include:

  • Rest so your body can heal
  • Unbiased education and encouragement in parenting skills
  • Healthy food and drinks for your body
  • Delegation of household tasks to allow you bonding and self-reflection time
  • Wisdom about what is going on with your body and spirit
  • Authentic representations and timelines regarding the scope of emotions other women have experienced after childbirth
  • Opportunities to debrief about your birthing experience and how you feel about it
  • Emotional and physical care for your body and mind

My Postpartum Services  

My postpartum support is aimed at "Mothering the Mother" so that you can focus on two things: healing your body and feeding and taking care of the new baby.  In the age of COVID-19,  being isolated and not having the option fo hands on support from family and friends, make this precious time even more challenging.   My virtual services can be tailored to your family's needs and can include, but not be limited to:

· Checking in on the healing process

· Debrief about your birth

· Breast/feeding/pumping support

· Answer questions about newborn care, and sleep (for all of you!)

· Being a shoulder to lean, laugh and cry on

· Referrals and resources

A Postpartum Services package can make a great gift for a new or expanding family!


I am happy to adapt my Postpartum Services to fit your budget,  therefore my fees vary based on what you can pay during the time of COVID-19.